The Perfect Girl is inspired by Jorgen Leth’s The Perfect Human. The Perfect Human explores the universal fear and realization that no human is perfect, while The Perfect Girl explores a fear and realization deeply rooted in society: the fact that everyone ages. The perfect girl is consumed by her ceremonies. Her life is entirely irreligious, lacking anything that resembles a larger world outside herself, as shown by the bare background. She is defined by her youth and flaunts her youthful sensuality, as shown by her biting into a peach while gazing into the camera. She smiles as if to flirt, and her every movement is fluent. However, she is struck with a revelation: she will age just like everyone else. She is fearful of the physical prospect of aging, but decides to ignore this fear by dancing. She bites into a peach again in a hopeless attempt to return to oblivion. At the end, she broods over approaching motherhood–the end of a girl’s youth.