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Mongolian Mark is a book of photos, drawings, and writings inspired by Korean female author Han Kang’s The Vegetarian, a bestselling novel in Korea. The text in Mongolian Mark references ideas and phrases in The Vegetarian as it deals with similar themes of innocence and rebellion. The Vegetarian is a novel set in Seoul that deals with the possibility/impossibility of innocence in a world mingled with both violence and beauty; Mongolian Mark is a visual catalog of the youth in Koreatown, L.A. who are forced to deal with the possibility/impossibility of keeping their youth in a fast-growing world that seems to want to take it away. The combination of color-pencil drawings, simple text, and polaroid photos create a sense of softness that is often ignored in youth: a softness and vulnerability that is often taken away. The photoshoot includes vegetables and fruits in an attempt to directly reference The Vegetarian.

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